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Create a Low Cost Datalogger with DGH D8200 Module and DAQFactory Express Software

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Create a low cost data logging system using a D8200 seven channel 4-20mA analog input module and the AzeoTech DAQFactory Express HMI SCADA software. The software is a free HMI SCADA software program that collects data from up to eight channels and displays two HMI screens. DAQFactory Express also includes data logging to file with date and time stamps using the MS-Excel compatible ASCII comma-delimited data format. 

The DGH D8000 series USB interface modules are a complete family of data acquisition modules for use in process control systems. These modules can measure process signals such as thermocouples, 4-20mA loops, discrete contact closures, and they can generate DC voltage or current signals for controlling annunciators or valves. Discrete digital output modules are also available and all modules can be controlled using host supervisory control and data acquisition software.

The DAQFactory Express program allows users to develop a very low cost data logger with an HMI SCADA software interface. When combined with a DGH D8200 series module users can measure 4-20mA signals, display the data values in real time on a trend graph, date and time stamp the data values and store them to disk in a MS-Excel comma-delimited ASCII text file for future analysis. 

A DAQFactory Express application file is available for use with the D8200. Simply download the application file, connect a D8200 series module to the computer (right out of the shipping box, no configuration required), determine and specify the serial port, load it into the program and define the proper serial port number. All instructions are included in the Application Note.
DAQFactory Express Screen Shot  
Objectives:  Downloadable Files

  Low Cost System     Application File
  D8200, 4-20mA Input     Application Note
  HMI/SCADA Interface     
  Trend vs Time    
  Log to .CSV File    

Trademarks:  DAQFactory and AzeoTech are registered trademarks of AzeoTech, Inc.

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