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DASYLab Data Acquisition Software

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DASYLab data acquisition software is an easy to use data acquisition program designed for users who want to get started right away. DASYLab software offers real-time analysis, control and the ability to create custom graphical user interfaces without programming.

Combined with DGH modules the data acquisition software can perform visualization, open and closed loop control. With DASYLab you can perform all these tasks interactively on the screen. Symbols represent functions and you can link them in worksheets according to the task at hand. DASYLab offers an extensive range of drivers for hardware control.

The DASYLab user interface has been completely reworked. The major innovations are the restructured workspace and the modern module icons. The block diagram area, where the measurements are still defined and configured, now includes useful browsing and information areas. Module browsing provides various views of all the available modules, Black Boxes and the modules that are used in the current block diagram. The new status console is the reference for the running and status of the program. All these additions make DASYLab data acquisition even easier to use. 
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