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D3000/4000 Series Command Set Protocol
The DGH D3000 and D4000 series products use a simple command and response protocol. A module must be interrogated by a host computer to obtain data. A module will never initiate a command sequence in order to prevent communications collisions.

A command is initiated with a command prompt, may be a dollar sign ($) or pound sign (#). Following the prompt a single address character must be transmitted. Each module on a communications bus must be setup with a unique address. The address is followed by a two character command. Every command is terminated with a carriage return.

The module response begins with a response prompt, which is an asterisk (*) followed by the necessary data. Every response is terminated with a carriage return. Linefeeds after the carriage return are user selectable. See the table below for typical commands and their respective response messages.
D3000/4000 Command Definition Typical Command  Typical Response 
ACK - Acknowledge $1ACK *
AO - Analog Output $1AO+00020.00 *
DI - Digital Input $1DI *0007
HX - Hex Output $1HX0FFF *
RAO - Read Analog Output $1RAO *+00001.07
RHI - Read HI Limit $1RHI *+00032.00
RID - Read Identification $1RID * Boiler
RLO - Read LO Limit $1RLO *+00004.00
RMS - Read Manual Slope $1RMS *+00004.00
RMN - Read Minimum $1RMN *+00004.00
RMX - Read Maximum $1RMX *+00020.00
RS - Read Setup $1RS *31070140
RSU - Read Setup $1RSU *31070140
WE - Write Enable $1WE *
Write Protected Commands    
HI - HI Limit $1HI+00015.00 *
ID - Identification $1ID BOILER *
LO - LO Limit $1LO+00004.00 *
RR - Remote Reset $1RR *
SU - Setup $1SU31070140 *
TMN - Trim Minimum $1TMN+00000.95 *
TMX - Trim Maximum $1TMX+00100.00 *
D4000 Commands    
RAD - Read Analog Data $1RAD *+00012.34
RPS - Read Present Slope $1RPS *+00001.00
RSL - Read Slope $1RSL *+00001.00
RSV - Read Starting Value $1RSV *+00005.00
RWT - Read Watchdog Timer $1RWT *+00010.00
Write Protected D4000 Commands    
MS - Set Breakpoint $1MS+00010.00 *
MN - Set Minimum $1MN+00000.00 *
MX - Set Maximum $1MX+00200.00 *
SL - Set Slope Value $1SL+00001.00 *
SV - Set Starting Value $1SV+00020.00 *
TRN - Trim Readback Minimum $1TRN *
TRX - Trim Readback Maximum $1TRX *
WT - Set Watchdog Timer $1WT+00005.00 *
WSL - Write Slope to EEPROM $1WSL+00100.00 *
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