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Data Acquisition - Analog, Digital, Serial, Ethernet, Modbus, USB, DIN

DGH is an industry leading manufacturer of data acquisition hardware with 30 years of experience in the process monitoring and control marketplace. Established in 1985, DGH products have been used in industries and applications around the world. Including water and wastewater management systems, pharmaceutical, scientific laboratories, military, automotive, transportation, energy management, and power utilities. 

DGH Protocol Data Acquisition Products

DGH Single Channel Analog Input Modules DGH Four Channel Analog Input Modules DGH Voltage Output and Current Output Modules DGH Digital I/O Modules and Boards DGH DIN-100 Series Modbus RTU DIN Mountable Analog Input Modules
Analog Input
Four Channel
Analog Input Modules
Analog Output
Digital I/O
 DIN Rail

Modbus Protocol Data Acquisition Products

DGH Modbus TCP/IP Ethernet I/O Modules DGH Modbus RTU D6000 Series Analog I/O Modules DGH Modbus RTU D6000 Series Analog I/O Modules DGH Modbus RTU Discrete Digital I/O Modules and Boards
NEW! Ethernet Modbus TCP/IP I/O Modules USB Analog Inputs with Modbus D6000 Analog Inputs with Modbus D6000 Analog Outputs with Modbus  Digital I/O
with Modbus
DGH DIN-100 Series Modbus RTU DIN Mountable Analog Input Modules  DGH Modbus D5000 Series Four Channel Analog Input Modules DGH Modbus RTU D3000 Series Current and Voltage Output Modules DGH Modbus RTU Discrete Digital I/O Boards DGH Modbus RTU Single Channel Analog Input Modules
DIN Series, Analog Inputs, Digital I/O with Modbus Four Analog Inputs
with Modbus
Analog Outputs
with Modbus
Digital I/O Products  with Modbus Analog Inputs
with Modbus

Serial Converters and Repeaters

AC/DC Powered RS-232 to RS-485 Serial Converters USB to RS-485 Serial Communications Converter       
RS232/RS485 USB to RS485      
Data Acquisition Accessories
Power Supplies DIN-Rail Mounting Kit for D-Series modules! Cables DGH Module Mounting Backplanes Utility Software
Power Supplies DIN-Mounting Kit Cables Backplanes Utility Software
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